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While the West transitions from a desktop generation to a mobile generation, China is jumping straight to mobile platforms thanks to high connectivity and the prevalence of smartphones.

This advantage is spawning many new business models and opportunities, according to Marco Gervasi, author of East Commerce. 

The Technology Gap Has Narrowed

The Western world doesn’t have such a big advantage over China in part because China is leapfrogging the desktop generation. 

"China is going from the Nokia phones that everyone in the West knows to smartphones," says Marco, "allowing everybody to switch and have access to services designed for mobile. 

"It means that Chinese don’t need desktop anymore. They don’t even need to learn desktop. They can simply learn mobile. This is a huge advantage." 

Still Transitioning From The Desktop Generation

"In the West, when we switch from desktop to mobile, and we are still in the middle of it, you have to unlearn what you learned in the desktop generation, and learn the mobile." 

Everything that is developed for mobile is something has been developed for desktop and is now moving into mobile, so it’s adapting for mobile. It’s not native to mobile. 

In China, the desktop was not so widespread and they have been able to move directly toward mobile. 

Mobile Technology At Everyone's Fingertips

For example taxi drivers, now they have two mobiles. One is mobile applications  which allows them to get in touch with customers and book a ride. 

"These taxi drivers may not be very literate or know how to use a desktop, but they know exactly how to use a mobile." 

This is very important because the penetration that this device is having in China, is leapfrogging some of the technologies that took many years to be established in the West. 

When you start looking at China and how technology is having an impact, you start seeing trends and patterns that the Western world doesn’t see yet because it is still in transition. 

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