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Marco Gervasi, author East Commerce, introduces the first pillar of Chinese e-commerce: fostering bottom-up growth.

What does this mean?

The best way to explain is to consider how Taobao works, China's biggest e-commerce consumer-to-consumer platform.



Taobao As The Enabler


Taobao is an enabler allowing two parties to transact. It does not itself buy or sell anything, it simply operates as an enabler of the transaction.

This enabling function has allowed anyone in the offline world to sell in the online world.


How China Has Changed


Millions of young Chinese entrepreneurs have left their jobs to open a Taobao shop. Still today, young Chinese are leaving their traditional jobs, (jobs that their parents regard as important and safe), to get into e-commerce and sell all kinds of goods, from fashion to food to furniture, as well as services like travel and insurance.

This wave of young Chinese entrepreneurs is what has made China's e-commerce into a magnificent platform to allow bottom up growth.

It's giving young entrepreneurs immense opportunity that was almost unimaginable just a generation ago. 



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