Your Introductory Course on E-Commerce in China And Why It Matters To Your Business
by Marco Gervasi 60m tech e-commerce 4646 have seen this  


  • Practical and actionable insights for SMEs and entrepreneurs
  • Complex and holistic concepts explained clearly in one hour 
  • Unlimited access anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Marco Gervasi is the author of "East Commerce" and has advised more than 100 international clients on their China market entry & growth projects
  • 7 day money back guarantee

Course Overview


  • Map out China's e-commerce landscape
  • Understand key differences with the U.S.
  • Generate ideas for approaching the market

''Chinese e-commerce is here to stay and its numbers are staggering; international companies and entrepreneurs cannot afford to ignore it"

                                                                                                - Marco Gervasi, Founder & Managing Partner, The Red Synergy; author of East Commerce


Are you eager to learn about how e-commerce in China works as well as possible implications and opportunities for your business? This course will explain in practical terms how e-commerce started in China, its development over time, unique characteristics, differences compared to U.S. e-commerce, and future trends already underway. It will also provide a reference framework for international SMEs and entrepreneurs who are keen on the Chinese market.

Marco Gervasi, whose book on Chinese e-commerce will be published soon, draws on 10+ years experience servicing clients in China plus extensive on-the-ground research and analysis to paint a clear picture for the rest of us.


We offer a 7-day money back guarantee on this course - no questions asked.

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1 Mapping China's E-commerce Landscape
Video course icon Why the Comparison with US E-commerce
Video course icon Brief History of Chinese E-commerce
Video course icon Leapfrogging to Mobile
Video course icon Major Players: Taobao, TMall,, Yihaodian
Video course icon Staggering Numbers
2 Characteristics of China's E-commerce
Video course icon Overview
Video course icon Dominance of Platforms
Video course icon Two Models: Marketplace and Direct Sales
Video course icon Entertainment or Research?
3 The Foundations of China's E-commerce
Video course icon Key Difference Between US and China Models
Video course icon The Three Pillars: Overview
Video course icon Snapshot of Content - Free Preview
Video course icon Pillar One: Bottom-Up Growth
Video course icon Pillar Two: Convergence of Offline and Online Worlds
Video course icon Pillar Three: Social Commerce
4 Advice for International SMEs and Entrepreneurs
Video course icon Why You (Really) Need to Pay Attention
Video course icon Guidance to Get Started, More Advanced to Come
Video course icon A Framework for SMEs and Entrepreneurs
5 Key Future Trends
Video course icon C Before B (Consumers Before Business)
Video course icon Internet of Things
Video course icon A Model for Emerging Markets
6 Wrap Up
Video course icon Virtual Q&A
Video course icon Final Thoughts
Video course icon Resources

3 Reviews

Alessandro Contarin
Nice basic introduction for people who doesn't know China at all even if it must be updated with contents about new latest scenary about cross border e-commerce and free trade zones advantages. Good to start and it worth the while to continue research thanks to other courses Marco will provide inside Prodygia
Ivano Bosio
A very well structured course which helps you to get the basics of the e-commerce in China, its peculiarities and it gives you also some ideas on how to approach it. Marco is good at transferring his know-how to the audience. Strongly recommended.
Daniel chenard
I really enjoyed listening to this great analysis of a huge subject so clearly presented.
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